Download is one of the many activities done by the users of the Internet network. For people who often open the virtual world / internet, the term download is certainly not a foreign term for their ears. But for people who are rarely connected to the internet world, the term download is certainly not a familiar term for their ears. Some lay people have not even heard or used the term download at all.

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Definition and Understanding Download
Download is a process of transmitting a file or data from a computer system to another computer system. From the internet, users who performs the download process is where a users requests a file from another computer (such as: web site, server or the like) and then receives it. In other words, download is the transmission of files from the internet to the client computer / users can be said also the process of receiving or retrieving files from internet / server to personal computer.

System and How it Works Download
As described above, download activity is executed by transferring files that exist on other computers using the internet network. When a computer user wants to download certain data from a person's web page, that person should at least go through the following steps:

Connect to internet network> Open web page> Open cloud storage page> Download process through internet network.

Some Popular Downloader Software for Computer Users
Here are some downloader software that is quite popular and widely used by computer users around the world:

  • Internet Download Manager - is a premium downloader software that has been proven to stabilize the ongoing download process on a computer device. One of the advantages of IDM compared to other downloader is the video download feature of the popular Youtube site.
  • BitTorrent - is a special downloader software that can only be used to download torrent files. When compared to other downloaders, BitTorrent tends to be much safer from the possibility of data damage. However, the download process using BitTorrent software usually tends to be much longer than downloading with other downloader software.
  • Orbit Downloader - is a downloader software that is very similar to Internet Download Manager's working system. The difference Orbit Downloader software has advantages in the form of stability download and also can be downloaded for free.
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